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Welcome to St. Theresa School! We are a Catholic elementary school that serves 200 students from pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade. And welcome to our St. Theresa School web site! This site is designed to serve the current school community as well as provide information for newcomers who would like to learn more about us.

  • Michael Keno
Michael Keno


Since 1948, when the Immaculate Heart Sisters from Los Angeles founded this school, a tradition of solidly religious and progressive education has been promoted. The purpose of St. Theresa School is to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of learning; to instill a sense of personal worth and respect for others; and, to develop critical thinking skills so that each child will grow to be a responsible and capable citizen, one who embraces Christian values and social justice.

Our curriculum is challenging to students, providing them with excellent academic skills, helping them to learn through experience. Students at St. Theresa learn by doing, through cooperative classroom experiences, carefully designed projects, field trips and reflection on their learning. We are committed to helping our children think analytically and creatively.

St. Theresa School administrator, faculty, parents, and students endeavor to build a faith-filled learning community where science and technology are balanced with the arts; where academics, foreign language and physical education are fully supported.  We are proud that children and adults share and build this vision of community together.

Explore St. Theresa School through our web site. We welcome inquiries as well as visits. Through your viewing and/or visiting, come to experience St. Theresa School with our children!

God bless you!


Michael A. Keno


Kim Koslo

Preschool Director

I believe that learning is essential and something we should never stop doing.  I have enjoyed the past 23 years of caring, teaching and partnering with parents and families to enrich young children’s lives and take this position seriously and respectfully.

I have been in the childcare role of infants, and toddler, taught kindergarten for three years and was a Sunday School teacher.  To be in a position like I am here at St. Theresa’s Preschool is a gift and I continue to educate myself so that I can continue to grow through workshops, classes and enrichment courses to keep up with the latests methods and strategies, so that I can hopefully be a gift to each child that comes through our doors.

  • Kim Koslo
  • Father John
Father John

St. Theresa School is a strong, faith-filled community where students in preschool through 8th grade learn to value the diverse cultures that shape who we are as community.  St. Theresa School is distinguished from other schools by it caring, talented and experienced faculty.  Each child is seen as an individual with unique talents and strengths.  The day begins and ends with prayer, and each child is guided on his or her spiritual journey.  A personal relationship with the Lord is encouraged and nurtured.

I have served in many parishes as a priest and there is a difference between parishes with a school and those without. The entire parish is involved when there is a school. They truly become one.  The parish assists the school by attending and supporting school functions and fundraisers.  The school assists the parish by being involved in parish and liturgical functions.

At St. Theresa School, students are loved, respected, and celebrated, and they are taught to show love for other by serving our community.  This is what St. Theresa School is all about.  “Come and see.” John 1:39


Fr. John Kavack, M.S.C.